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Salt Lake City Residents Have Been Hearing Spooky Music in Their Toilets

What is happening in Utah? Residents of downtown Salt Lake City have reported strange music coming from the sewers, which they can hear playing through the streets and in their bathrooms.

“[It was] just really kind of eerie, but it was beautiful,” Rosemary Olsen said to KSTLV.

Residents began posting about the sound on the neighborhood app Nextdoor, where some began to speculate that the sound may be “coming from aliens.” Because, you know, if aliens do invade they’re going to come via the Utah sewer system.

Other residents pointed out there was likely a more reasonable, terrestrial explanation.

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The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities eventually cleaned up the online speculation by clarifying the sound was coming from the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or Sewer RAT, which checks the pipes for blockage using sound waves.

A Sewer RAT in Salt Lake City. Credit: KSTLV

Looks like that’s case closed for spooky toilets — for now.

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