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Satanic Temple Wants to Place Their Massive Monument on Arkansas Capitol Grounds

The Satanic Temple believes it has found a new home for its massive monument of demonic deity Baphomet: The Arkansas Capitol. The state’s government grounds is currently home to a large monument of the Ten Commandments, but officials recently rejected a proposal for a different religious monument by a Hindu group. The Satanic Temple first built the giant statue—which features two children at the feet of a goat-headed, winged and hoofed deity sitting on a pentagram-emblazoned throne—to be placed at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Shortly after its construction, officials ruled that its own Ten Commandments statue violated the constitution. The Satanic Temple may face a fight when it attempts to come to Arkansas, though. The governor told reporters this summer, “We don’t want just every group putting a statue on the capitol grounds. We want it to be exclusive; we want it to be reasoned. We want it to be reflective.”

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