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Scientists Have Discovered a New Human Body Part, Proving We are a Mystery Unto Ourselves

Well, two Belgian surgeons done blew up modern anatomy with their announcement that they’ve discovered a brand new body part, proving that there is nothing so mysterious as the skin we inhabit. It’s called the anterolateral ligament, and it’s in your knee—well, it’s most likely in your knee. Actually, 3 percent of people don’t seem to have the ligament, which is, perhaps, why it’s eluded doctors for so long. But the theory of it is pretty old. As far back as 1879, a Frenchman named Paul Segond had a theory about a “pearly, resistant, fibrous band.” He was right, as it turns out. And with that, have we discovered every single human body part there is? It seems unlikely, when you take into account that the anterolateral ligament is actually the second new body part discovered just this year

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