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The Number of Brits Who Identify as Christian Has Hit a Record Low

The U.K.-based researcher agency The National Centre for Social Research has released the results of their 36th annual British Social Attitudes report, and it reveals just how dramatic changing values are in the country. (H/T Christian Post)

Just 38% of those who responded now identify as a Christian. That’s the lowest number they’ve ever recorded. For some context, in 1998, 66% said they were Christians. In 2008, that number fell to 50%.

However, the new report does show growth in one part of the Christian community: nondenominational Christians. In fact, the number of nondenominational believers in the country is now roughly the same as those who are a part of the Church of England.

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Another interesting finding was how many people almost never attend any kind of religious service: 66% said they “never attend religious services, apart from special occasions such as weddings, funerals and baptisms.”

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