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Two Biotech Companies Are Going to Start Experimenting with ‘Brain Death Reversal’

What if science could bring back someone from the dead? Here’s a news item that has interesting theological implications: Medical review boards in both the U.S. and India have granted permission to two biotech companies to experiment with new technology that they hope could bring back patients who are brain dead—something currently considered impossible. Bioquark and Revita Life Sciences plan on starting their research by testing to see if the brains of 20 patients can be stimulated to actually regenerate. The hope would be that one day, after techniques involving lasers, stem cells and special injections are refined, doctors will be able to help brain dead patients regrow parts of their brains that were damaged or destroyed.

What doctors don’t know is what effect it would have on the consciousness, memories or personalities of patients, that one day in the future, could possibly benefit from that type of procedure.

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