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You Only Get One Shot at Hugging the President

Best case scenario, you get one chance at hugging the President. So, when your chance comes, you really have to go for it, throw caution to the wind, and ignore what the Secret Service might think. Who cares what the Secret Service thinks? This is your shot at hugging the President, and you’ll just have to hope the Secret Service will be able to tell that your hug is just part of you not wanting to look back and wish that you’d given your Presidential hug a little more oomph when you had the chance. Take a lesson from Scott Van Duzer, Florida pizza place owner. After the President remarked on the size of Van Duzer’s biceps and asked, “if I eat your pizza will I look like that?” Van Duzer, a registered Republican, gave us all an example to shoot for and wrapped the President up in a hug neither of them will ever forget. That’s how it’s done. Watch and learn …

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