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Will God Win In The Election?

Will God Win In The Election?

I have been listening to a lot lately about the election. I know that people get very passionate about which side they are on. In fact, these sides create an arena where we get to debate one another. These debates are happening all around the country. Some of them are taking place at work, some are taking place between our friends, and many are even taking place around Bible studies.

Within the church arena, it seems like the debate is more about God winning the election. The funny thing is that the election is based on human beings, who if I remember correctly are all flawed. If the outcome of God winning and the success of this country are based on flawed men, we are seriously in trouble.

I have read comments by so many people who have strong view points of who they want as their next president. I too have a strong feeling on who I want as the next president for the next four years. I have also read comments by people who refer to themselves as Christians who get all wrapped up in this political game. It is full of people who take sides and refer to those on the other side as the enemy.

While this next statement may open up much criticism, I believe that many Christians create the “good” and “evil” scenarios of candidates because of a deep sense of fear that is hidden in their very own hearts. Most Christians that are living in this arena of fear are there because they are missing out on one important detail. No matter who is elected, God is the one in control. One key reason that people are filled with fear is that they have lost sight of hope. Where hope dissipates, fear takes up residence.

Many are caught in the fear that the world will spin out of control if who we think should win the election is not elected. But if our choice for president does not win, it doesn’t mean that God did not win. Many of us equate our choice of candidate to being God’s choice. But whoever wins is really going to be God’s choice for the hour.

I am reminded throughout the Bible how God had some unlikely kings that ruled over Israel that were not godly at all. But God chose them and was using them for a purpose. Many times that purpose was to wake up a nation. The point is that no matter who was king, God was king over them. Have we forgotten this today?

Our place as a Christian in the country is to trust that God is in control no matter what the outcome is. We need to do our part and vote for the person that we believe is God’s person for president. To not take advantage of this would be foolish. But we need to leave the outcome to God. Otherwise we display a faith that lacks hope in the God that is in control no matter what the outcome of this election is. No matter what side you are on, if your hope is in God, you can be confident that God wins this election no matter what!

[Kevin Diederich is Pastor of Life Point Church in Naperville, Ill.]

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