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Report: 33 North Koreans to Be Executed for Contact with Christian Missionary

According to this report in the UK’s Daily Mail, 33 North Koreans are facing execution after working with South Korean Christian missionary Kim Jung-wook. They have been charged with attempting to overthrow the brutal government of dictator Kim Jong-un. According to the report, the North Koreans received money and resources to set up underground churches in the country, where actions as small as owning a Bible can lead to the death penalty. The missionary was imprisoned last year for his evangelistic work, and last week held a press conference apologizing for his “crimes” and requesting his release. In his televised “confession” (pictured below) he said, “I received money from the intelligence services and followed instructions from them, and arranged North Koreans to act as their spies. And I also set up an underground church in China, in Dandong, and got the members to talk and write, for me to collect details about the reality of life in North Korea, and I provided this to the intelligence services.” However, South Korea officials say that Kim Jung-wook was kidnapped and involuntarily brought to North Korea from China …

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