Ecojot Notebook

These uniquely designed journals and notebooks are made from 100 percent wastepaper and use only vegetable-based glue. They've also donated thousands of books to kids through their buy one-give-one model.

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Need the perfect item for outdoorsy study break? LifeStraw's filter makes almost any water source drinkable. They also fund global clean water projects.

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Everlane Packable Backpack

Not only are Everlane's apparel and bags made from high-quality materials and have cool design features, they also guaranteed to be ethically made. Each item contains information about the factory where it was made, which are all held to the highest workplace standards.

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Parley Adidas Ultra Boost

Sure, Adida's Boost technology makes walking around campus a lot more comfortable. But this new line is made from trash recycled from waterways and beaches around the world through a partnership with the organization Parley for the Oceans.

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Cotopaxi Jacket

The perfect fall windbreaker is also making a difference. A portion of Cotopaxi's revenue goes towards poverty alleviation efforts for communities in the Andes.

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Reveal iPad Cover

Made from sustainably harvested cork, this iPad cover will keep your favorite device safe and make it stand out from your roommate's.

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Sprout Pencils

Instead of throwing this pencil away when you're done with it, you can actually plant it in the ground. Each one is built with seeds that will grow into a new plant.

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Passion Planner

This daily planner is designed to help you achieve your goals, with built-in mile-stones, organization tips and work-life balance zones.

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Jewel Garden

Give your dorm room a hint of the outdoors with these easy-to-mantain mini gardens. LuLa's Garden also helps to provide clean water in developing countries, so buying one will do more than just make your room look better.

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The Green Wave Original

Green Wave's surf-inspired gear is made from organic materials in a process that is 100 percent sustainable. You won't just look good at the beach, you'll also help save it.

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Seattle Chocolate Bar

Seattle Chocolate carefully sources the ingredients for their delicious snacks to ensure they are sustainably and ethically produced. And for each bar sold, healthy food is donated to a food bank.

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Box Lunch Tea Forte Sipscription

Need a healthy pick-me-up for your finals cram session? Ditch the Red Bull for these healthy teas that taste great and support the organization feeding America.

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Hand in Hand Salt Bar Soap

Hand in Hand's sustainable suds are not only eco-friendly, they also smell awesome. And for each one sold, one is donated and clean water projects are funded in Haiti.

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Harlam Sunglasses

The buy one-give one pioneers at TOMS now make killer shades. And for each pair sold, they help restore sight to a person in need to medical care.

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Love 41 Bookmark

Inspired by Psalm 41's call to serve the poor, Love 41's finely crafted leather goods help support in-need communities in Rwanda.

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Made from real wood, these crisp-sounding earbuds support the source from which they came: For every 100 products they sell, Woodbuds plants a new tree.

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Regional Field Guides

Made in partnership with the travel publication company Wildsam, Public Supply's gorgeous field guides will help you navigate America's coolest areas.

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Shinola Detroit Arrow

Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola believes in promoting craftmanship and creating quality jobs for American workers. They partnered with Winsconsin's Waterford Precision Cycles to create this versatile steel-frame bike that is designed to not only be comfortable while riding around your campus but also last for a really long time.

$1,000.00 Check it Out

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