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“The Great Bacon Shortage of 2013” May Not Be So Bad

Yesterday, the world was shaken to its very core by the announcement that it was headed for a bacon shortage. The impending Great Bacon Shortage of 2013 forced us all to sit back and realize just how very fleeting our time on earth is, and that nothing should ever be taken for granted. Now, Slate is reporting that the Great Bacon Shortage of 2013 may not actually be a cause for great alarm. The shortage of corn to feed pigs may result in some slightly higher prices for bacon but, then, can you really put a price on bacon anyway? It’s just money. Money that you’ll continue to be able to use to buy plenty of bacon—next year, and for every year after, as long as the dream stays live in the hearts and minds of those who believe that a world with bacon in it is a better world for us all …

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