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Mark Wahlberg Meets a Family with a Similar Story to His ‘Instant Family’ Character on the Ellen Show

Recently on The Ellen Show, Mark Wahlberg and Ellen welcomed a couple whose story closely resembles Wahlberg’s character in his upcoming film Instant Family. The film, starring Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, centers on a couple considering adoption. Though they’re on the hunt for one child, they get paired with three—a teenager and her two younger siblings.

Paige and Daniel Zezulka have a similar story. The couple recently became internet sensations after a video telling their now daughter Ivey that she was to be adopted went viral. The couple adopted Ivey’s two younger siblings as well.

Along with the Instant Family team, Wahlberg and Chevrolet gave the family two big surprises. Watch for yourself.

In the most recent issue of RELEVANT magazine, we spoke with Mark Wahlberg about the role faith plays in his career.

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When asked about balancing priorities, Wahlberg said, “”My faith and my family are the most important things. Those things allow me to be successful in all the other things that I’m doing … The most important thing is to have been successful in my service to the community and to the Church and to my family.”

You can catch Instant Family in theaters tomorrow.

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