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Madison Prewett: How to Make the Most of This Season

Madison Prewett: How to Make the Most of This Season

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Madison Prewett’s story started long before she appeared on The Bachelor.  

Before she was featured on Pilot Pete’s season of the reality television dating show, Prewett was living in Auburn, Alabama, with her family, navigating life post-college as most young 20-somethings do. At the time, she wasn’t sure where life would take her, but she heard a clear message from God in that season.

“I actually started writing a book before I ever had a platform,” Prewett explained. “I had Esther 4:14 put on my heart. I thought the verse was just for me to cling to in that season, and it carried me through my season on The Bachelor.”

The verse Prewett clings to, where Mordecai ponders with a young queen Esther about whether she has “not come to the kingdom for such a time as this,” reshaped her whole view on her purpose. She realized that no matter where she went or what she did, she had a deeper reason to live. It led to her saying “yes” to some pretty unbelievable opportunities.

“It’s crazy how one act of courage, one step of obedience and just saying ‘yes’ to what God has for you can lead to other people’s freedom,” Prewett said. “It can lead to other people’s confidence or lead to other people’s act of courage, and ultimately to their revelation of who God is.”

One of Prewett’s biggest and well-known acts of courage was saying “yes” to a spot on season 24 of The Bachelor. As most seasons of the reality show go, the season was full of drama, chaos and a lot of miscommunication. But one of the few things viewers could rely on was Prewett’s ability to remain unwavering in her beliefs and stances, even as chaos endured around her. Even though she finished as the runner-up, she won a ton of fans and supporters for the way she carried herself throughout the season. 

“I want to see a generation of Esthers rise up and I want to see this generation step up to challenges,” Prewett said.

Prewett’s willingness to stick to her morals and beliefs made her a fan favorite. She has said that people often ask her how she was able to remain true to herself on the show, and she always points them to God’s Word. After a while, she came to realize that this was the reason the message of Esther had been laid on her heart. She decided that she would use her platform to share this message with everyone who needs to hear it. 

“I really wanted to use my voice in a way that was going to be beneficial to other people and not just ‘spill the tea’ and just share my experiences on The Bachelor,” Prewett said. “I really wanted to have something that was tangible and something that was life giving for people to be able to cling to and look to for hope or for encouragement or to be challenged.”

Prewett released Made for this Moment last fall, and the message is pretty clear: there is hope and a clear purpose for every single person. 

“There’s a reason that you’re here. It’s not just me that’s ‘an Esther.’ All of us can be Esthers,” Prewett shares. “We all can be made for this moment and here for such a time as this. We can choose to walk out our purpose in confidence, and be obedient to wherever God’s called us to go. Take that step of courage no matter what the outcome is. Trust that our God is in control and our God has got us.”

If it sounds like Prewett is preaching, it’s because this message is something she is incredibly passionate about. When she gets to speak on this topic, her eyes light up and her voice grows stronger. This message is not some wishful dream that she hopes comes true; it’s something she is determined to help make a reality. 

“I want to see modern day Esthers. I want to see a generation of Esthers rise up and I want to see this generation step up to challenges,” Prewett says fervently.

Making this mission a reality is not going to be an easy task, though, and Prewett knows it. The key to reaching this generation is through the unpredictable and always-changing realm of social media. There’s two sides to the digital world, and both are held in tension with one another. On one side, social media has led to a generation of anxiety-ridden and highly insecure individuals. A near constant influx of information, marketing and content is thrown onto the Internet every second. The unending consumption of media can throw off anyone’s stability.

“At the end of the day, we’re taking in content 24/7. Even if you try to run from it or try to hide from it, we’re constantly taking in content. So it’s not really a matter of are we going to be taking in content? It’s a matter of what content we are taking in,” Prewett explains.

While the constant cycle of social media can be overwhelming, it has created a way for individuals to connect and form bonds over shared interests or needs, particularly during difficult times like adolescence or being stuck in a quarantine lockdown. 

For Prewett, she uses her platform to speak to nearly two million followers — more than most pastors will likely ever reach. Prewett views her platform as a responsibility to share the encouragement of God to any and all who need it. 

“Social media gives me an opportunity to have conversations with people that I may never meet in real life, that I may never see or be able to sit down with and have intimate, challenging conversations,” Prewett said. “I can use my social media as a way to say, ‘If this is the only content you’re getting into today, I want you to know you’re loved and you’re enough and God loves you.’ I try to use any moment on social media to really challenge and inspire people.”

Prewett often spreads the message of confidently knowing who you are and what your purpose is because she knows it’s something her generation has a hard time figuring out and believing. She wants to remind everyone that there is a specific, bigger reason as to why they’re here. 

“I think you see in this world today a lot of people never step into the fullness of who God has called them to be, because they’re not willing to go through what it takes to get there. They’re not willing to fight for their confidence in their identity. They’re not willing to be the only one who has to walk away or who stands up for something or says ‘no’ to something. I don’t want that to be the story for my generation any more.”

It’s this strong belief that reminds Prewett that Esther’s story is “a message for me, but also a message for this work and this generation.”

“I want to be a modern day Esther. I want to be someone that I hear the words, one day, ‘Good job, my good and faithful servant. I’m so proud of you.’ I want to hear that and I want my generation to hear that, too.”

One of the key parts of living out the idea that you were made for this moment is walking with confidence. It’s something easier said than done, and Prewett knows this to be true. 

“For a long time when I viewed confidence, it was all about me. Therefore it was up to me to sustain it and fulfill it and keep it going. It was exhausting,” she said. “It was dependent on myself and it was dependent on the acceptance of other people. Therefore it was extremely inconsistent and it left me with this performance-based mentality that I’m not enough unless I do specific things and other people see that I did those things and accept it.”

When asked what caused the shift, she hesitates to give a “typical church” answer, but the truth is really that fundamental. Over time, she realized that true confidence stems from realizing who God calls you to be. It took her some time to truly believe and live out that truth, but the shift couldn’t have come at a better time for Prewett. 

Madison Prewett (front row, second from left) appeared on season 24 of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor.’

“I was able to be on a show with 30 beautiful girls who had everything going for them. I mean the best of the best, right? And I was able to stay so true to myself and be so confident because I knew who I was and it wasn’t about, ‘Oh, they have this and I don’t have this’ or anything like that. It was ‘This is who God’s called me to be. Therefore, I want the light in me to be what people see. I want God’s spirit in me to be what attracts them and draws them in.’

“For me, my confidence is truly dependent on you knowing what God has put inside of me, and what I know I have to give,” Prewett continues. “I’ve noticed that the most confident people in the entire world are those who realize that this life is so much bigger than them. It’s not about them, but what they give back to those around them. And for me, the moments that I’ve been the most confident, are when I’ve been the closest to Jesus, and when I’ve made a difference for someone around me.”

Prewett doesn’t want to make it sound like gaining that confidence and walking in it is a done deal. She admits that there have been plenty of moments where she doubts her purpose and wonders if some else would be better suited for the calling placed on her life. But in those moments, she tries to remind herself of some loving truth and encouragement.

“The message God laid on my heart is not that you were made for the moment of tomorrow, or you were made for the moment of yesterday, or you were made for the who you hope to be, or who you used to be, or you know you were made for her moment, or his moment. You were made for your moment. The moment that you were in right now is the moment you were made for, and God has intentionally created you and knit you together intentionally. You have all that he’s called you to be.”

That message can be easy to hear, hard to live out. But for anyone reading who feels like these words are still too good to be true, Prewett encourages you to give it some time and give God space to make Himself and His plans known to you. 

“If it’s been a struggle for you, give it a week. Give it two weeks. Truly believe this message and live it out for just two weeks straight. See how it changes your life and how it can change your perspective of just going all in with Jesus. He’s a good God who likes to give good gifts to His children,” Prewett said. “Life is hard and this world is broken and dark and messy, but when we walk with God, He gives us what we need for each step of the way.”

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