Kanye Is Considering Changing His Name to ‘Christian Billionaire Genius Kanye West’

Kanye says he’s open to considering changing his name to well, something else. A new study shows millennials aren’t the moochers everyone says. And WHATUPRG’s new song ‘Glory’ starts the week off on the right foot.
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Episode 752: John Mark Comer

On today’s show, we talk with pastor and author John Mark Comer about why we should all slow down and the powerful legacy of Mister Rogers. We also discuss the exciting new movie starring Gal Gadot, the Fox News scandal film Bombshell, Katy…
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Katy Perry Fights Back Against Flame’s Plagiarism Charges

Katy Perry fights back against Flame’s plagiarism charges. Millennials are the first generation in U.S. history to be majority non-Christian. And IMAX debuts a trailer for Jesus Is King: a Kanye West Film.
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Episode 751: Rachael Denhollander

On a new episode of the RELEVANT Podcast, we talk to Rachael Denhollander, author of What Is a Girl Worth? Also, Propaganda makes his return to the RELEVANT Podcast gang where we discuss what is and isn’t allowed in Contemporary Christian Music, why…
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Episode 743: Malcolm Gladwell

On the latest podcast, author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell explains how a teaching of Jesus can help us solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Also, the editorial team walks through the brand-new issue of RELEVANT that’s out now! We also…
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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Forms a Social Justice Partnership With the NFL

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation forms a social justice partnership with the NFL. A New “heir apparent” to Westboro Baptist has emerged. And are you ready for Christian Girl Autumn?
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Lauren Daigle Dethrones Maroon 5 From Billboard’s No. 1 Spot

Lauren Daigle has dethroned Maroon 5 from Billboard’s top spot. A Chaldean Christian has died after being deported to a country he’s never been. And is wiping out medical debt the latest church trend?
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Jury Finds Katy Perry Ripped Off a Christian Rap Song

A Jury Has Found Katy Perry Guilty of Ripping Off a Christian Rap Song. A Hot New Scam Is Helping College-Bound Kids From Wealthy Families Get Need-Based College Financial Aid. And Christian Satire Site Babylon Bee Says It’s Being Treated Unfairly…
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Fiona Apple Is Donating the Royalties From Her Biggest Song to Refugee Relief

Fiona Apple will donate royalties from her biggest song to refugee relief. A Gallup poll says American pride is at an all-time low. And the next big music biopic is someone Christians will be familiar with.
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Who Is Marrianne Williamson, the Spiritual Self-Help Guru Running for President?

A look at Marianne Williamson, the spiritual self-help guru running for President. The number of persecuted Christians accepted into the U.S. has dropped by 70 percent. And here’s how Taylor Swift is taking on the whole music industry again.
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Why do so many Americans think Evangelicals are being persecuted?

A new study finds a surprising number of Americans think Christians face persecution, a new satirical comedy about Christian movies is in the works and a church in Portland has found a creative way to help the local homeless.      
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The City Harmonic Performs

The City Harmonic Performs :: Plus, an interview with Dave Batstone, your Cialis commercial feedback, the week’s news and entertainment and more …
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Gungor Performs

Gungor Performs :: Plus, Anna Hollis of Amachi, the week’s news and entertainment, your Super Bowl halftime feedback and much more …
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This week we talk to LA rapper, Propaganda, and get his perspective on the events in Ferguson and NYC. We also recount some of our favorite podcast moments from the past year, Chad gets a visit from the fire marshal, Jesse gets “eaten alive” and we learn about a monkey running wild through Tampa…again. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com.