Why do so many Americans think Evangelicals are being persecuted?

A new study finds a surprising number of Americans think Christians face persecution, a new satirical comedy about Christian movies is in the works and a church in Portland has found a creative way to help the local homeless.      
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The City Harmonic Performs

The City Harmonic Performs :: Plus, an interview with Dave Batstone, your Cialis commercial feedback, the week’s news and entertainment and more …
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Gungor Performs

Gungor Performs :: Plus, Anna Hollis of Amachi, the week’s news and entertainment, your Super Bowl halftime feedback and much more …
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This week we talk to LA rapper, Propaganda, and get his perspective on the events in Ferguson and NYC. We also recount some of our favorite podcast moments from the past year, Chad gets a visit from the fire marshal, Jesse gets “eaten alive” and we learn about a monkey running wild through Tampa…again. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com.
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Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin :: Plus, filmmaker Nathan Clarke, the week’s news and entertainment, your 80’s CCM feedback and much more …
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Kari Jobe Performs

Kari Jobe Performs :: Plus, introducing Cheyenne Marie Mize, the week’s slices and entertainment, your flea market feedback and more …
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John Mark McMillan Performs

John Mark McMillan Performs :: Plus, the debut of a Stephen Colbert game, the week’s news and entertainment, your feedback and much more …
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Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad :: Plus, author Lisa Whittle, Liam Neeson does comedy, the week’s slices and entertainment, your fantasy camp feedback and more …
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The Welcome Wagon

This week we talk to our favorite Brooklyn band that’s led by a pastor who’s friends with Sufjan Stevens, The Welcome Wagon. Plus, Jungle Bird inevitably invades the episode, we…
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Author and Pastor Craig Groeschel

This week we talk to one of America’s best-known pastors, Craig Groeschel, from the innovative Oklahoma City-based Lifechurch.tv. His church is the team behind YouVersion, one of the most widely…
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Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

Plus, water-powered jet packs, Kevin Costner’s soul patch, the week’s slices and entertainment, your summer feedback and more … EPISODE MUSIC Gossip, “Move In the Right Direction” The Hives, “Go…
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Jonathan Merritt

We talk to author (and frequent RELEVANT contributor) Jonathan Merritt about his new book, A Faith of Our Own. Plus, podcast legend Adam Smith returns for a new Rambo of…