The Key to Keeping Your Relationship Arguments Healthy

Maria Baer writes a blog for RELEVANT about how important it is to be intentional and forthright with the language you use.

What Good is God?

How do I get myself into these predicaments? I asked myself as the plane left…

Tony Evans: Why We Need Black History Month

Dr. Tony Evans writes an op-ed for RELEVANT about Black History Month and why racial reconciliation and unity in the church matter.

Black History Is American History

David Masciotra on the rich history of black Americans and why the celebration of their contributions cannot be restrained to one month.

Are You Loving God Out of Obligation?

Maybe you already know the Lord, but the way you know Him isn’t working for…

God’s Heart for People Struggling With Suicide

RELEVANT imagines what God would say to the suicidal.

Where the American Idea of Freedom Falls Short

Freedom. Who would’ve thought a mere seven-letter phrase could shape an entire society? It is…

Everyone Wants To Go to Heaven, Just Not Yet

Tyler Charles writes a blog for RELEVANT about how all of us know we’re supposed to want to go to heaven … just not yet.

What We Get Wrong About Being a Good Samaritan

Teshelle Combs writes a blog for RELEVANT about an experience with a person in pain that shows how hard it is to be a truly good Samaritan.

The Unsettling Humanity of Jesus

John Backman writes about passages of Scripture that find Jesus behaving remarkably human, and why these stories shouldn’t unsettle us, but comfort us.

How to Argue Well

Tor Constantino writes a blog for RELEVANT listing seven keys to fighting well in a relationship.

Finding an Adventure with Jesus

Evan Bell writes a blog for RELEVANT about finding an adventure and risking everything with Jesus.

We Need More Boring Christians

Some of us are guilty of namedropping—casually referencing famous people we know to boost our…

When It Comes to the Environment, Little Changes Do Make a Big Difference

If there is one question I am sure to get any time I speak on…

The Idolatry of Patriotism

I am thankful to live in a country that acknowledges people have rights to “life,…

Beyond Image Control

The people who have it all together are the very people we don’t relate to, envy or even resent. So why do we spend so much time editing photos, carefully constructing bios and perfecting our profile to be exactly what we want others to see? And what would happen if we didn’t?

A Letter to Our Android-Loving Readers

As many of you know, in September 2011 we totally re-imagined RELEVANT for the iPad.…

The Problem with Political Profiling

Election Day brings out the natural affinity in each of us to draw party lines and huddle together with our own team. But does this require real courage or result in lasting social change?

5 Reasons I’m Voting This Year

The election year brings out the tensions many feel between their Kingdom calling and their civic responsibility. But even on the uncertain ground between this kingdom and the next, here’s one voter’s perspective on why he’s heading to the polls.

Why This Election Isn’t Just About Abortion

Both sides in American politics are currently trying hard to convince their base that this…

Viewer Discretion Advised

There’s plenty of horror and tragedy in the real world—let alone in the movies. But then again, the Bible isn’t exactly G-rated, either. How should Christians approach these darker depictions in cultural art?

Who’s Afraid of Fear?

Spiders, bridges, public speaking, the dark—these are all considered somewhat normal fears. But is such fear normal for Christians who serve a supernatural God?

Is Jesus a Liar?

In 2003, I moved to Somalia. My husband had a teaching contract at the only…

When I’m Bad at Being a Woman

I was fortunate to grow up with a mom who isn’t ashamed of the unique…

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Christians tend to get nervous when talk of interfaith dialogue comes up. But can such dialogue actually be a part of of fulfilling Christ’s command to be peacemakers?

Party Foul

My friend Drew said the only thing worse than watching the political debates is looking…

Opinion: On God and Country

According to a tweet I saw from RELEVANT, Billy Graham’s website recently removed “Mormonism” from…

The Biggest Problem With the Debates (and How to Fix It)

The biggest—most disappointing—problem we’re facing in the presidential debates so far? The lying. The whole…

What a Pastor Can Learn from the Faith of a Child

My daughter, Magnolia, is a typical three-year-old girl. She loves dressing up like a princess,…

Digital Reminiscence

About a month ago, I discovered the guy that I “dated” when I was 17…

Remembering a Reluctant Hero

In this column, Ben Lowe remembers the little known but very steadfast Larry Gibson, a resident of the Appalachian Mountains who devoted his life to protecting the mountains he loved, and who motivated churches to join him.

Three Things I Hate About Jesus

We love Jesus. We’re committed to following Him and His ways. But let’s be honest: Some things are really hard to love about Jesus. Here, Adam and Christine Jeske say what those things are.

Valued and Broken—All at Once

Our columnist Kristin Tennant probes and processes the one part of the Gospel that is difficult for her to swallow—that in God’s eyes, she is of incredible value.

Confessions of a Proud Pastor

Usually when we hear about a ministry leader “falling from grace,” we assume the worst. But if sin is sin, why do we view pride as just a little lower on the scale of bad to worse?

The Missing Link in the Christian Life

The Christian life has been defined by many things—moral standards, justice, love, etc. But there’s more to discipleship than all of this.

How Should Christians Engage Politics?

Politics are complicated, controversial, divisive—we could go on. But Kurt Willems says Jesus’ approach was far more simpler, and far more surprising.

On Unanswered Questions

It’s safer to have a tidy set of answers, but in today’s column, Anne Jackson ponders the beauty of leaving our questions a bit more open-ended.

The Biblical Basis for Fun

There are serious calls in the Bible toward discipleship. Take up your cross and follow Me. Deny you father, mother, brother and sister. Lose your life to save it. But what about the fun? Faith is meant to have that, too.

Is “Loving Witness” an Oxymoron?

“How can you say you love people if you are constantly trying to convert them?” This objection crops up a lot when it comes to interfaith dialogue—and often, it’s Christians who pose the question. So, what do we do with it? Is it possible to authentically love a person and still desire to see them come to Christ, or does a commitment to evangelism automatically lead us to view other people as nothing more than projects?

When Business Gets Personal

You’ve done it before—accidentally hit the “reply all” button, missed a deadline, said the wrong thing at the wrong time right in front of your boss. How do we respond and recover from our professional mess-ups and mishaps?