What I Wish Someone Would Have Said When I Was Drowning in Debt

Blue dust-specked light streamed down from the side screens covered with lyrics to one of…

The Danger of ‘Convenient’ Generosity

A few years ago, I discovered crowdfunding websites, and I’ll admit, I thought they were…

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Five Money Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Season

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Where God’s Purpose and Your Passion Meet

You know that feeling when you look back at what you wanted to be when you were five (doctor, ballerina, rocket scientist) and where you are now—working the late shift, paying rent and overwhelmed by the prospect of what’s next? Dan Miller has something to say to you.

4 Ways the Modern Church Looks Nothing Like the Early Church

I often hear Christians say that we should be more like the early church. And…

What Would Happen if the Church Tithed?

The church of today is not great at at giving. This isn’t exactly news, but…

Why Do Christians Make Debt Such a Big Deal?

It’s no secret that millennials are in debt—some even claim it as a defining characteristic…

Should We Ask God For Money?

I hate money. I hate it because typically, I don’t have enough of it. I…

Is It Wrong to Want More Money?

Over the last 48 hours, the U.S. stock market has been sent to a tailspin…

Is Consumerism Consuming Us?

Recognizing that we all have the potential to become consumer gluttons.

How the Spiritual Side of Money Adds Up

Dave Ramsey writes for RELEVANT about how our finances have a spiritual component of discipline that can trap us or help us lead a moral life.

Andy Stanley: There’s More to Tithing Than Giving 10%

I was taught from an early age to give God 10 percent of everything. That…

How Would Jesus Spend?

You have a natural relationship with the way you handle money, which I call your…

4 Ways Christians Can Be Better with Their Money

Chances are, there have been a few times in your life that you’ve prayed the…

How Much Money Should Christians Have?

Last year, not long after selling his game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, the creator…

Stewardship Isn’t Just About Money

There’s an old story that goes something like this: A rich guy goes on a…

What’s Really Holding Us Back from Giving

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19 Quotes That Will Change Your View of Money

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Why the 4-Hour Spiritual Life Doesn’t Work

“Maybe the question should be, ‘What Would Tim Ferriss Do?’” Lizzie laughed. We were somewhere…

3 Things Your Parents Never Taught You About Adulthood

If who we are is shaped by where we’ve been, then maybe our parents have shaped our adult lives more than we might think. Here’s what we can learn from what they didn’t tell us about growing up.

The Divine Economy

Things can get complicated when we start to worry about money—and when we fret about how we are going to divide our paycheck between student debt, rent, bills and splurging now and then (or, more often then we’d like to admit). Here’s what one woman learned by going back to the basics when it came to her bank statement.

When Business Gets Personal

You’ve done it before—accidentally hit the “reply all” button, missed a deadline, said the wrong thing at the wrong time right in front of your boss. How do we respond and recover from our professional mess-ups and mishaps?

My car broke down and I’d really like to get a new one. What factors should I consider in this decision?

Consider these three factors before purchasing a vehicle. First, a car should be considered transportation,…

Tips for Saving Some Cash

The RELEVANT Magazine Graduate Guide Slices includes a piece about small ways to save big.

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Tracy Lytwyn shares valuable lessons she learned about starting your career from The Office.

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Rachel Cruze shares 7 ways to use money wisely and maintain sanity on Black Friday.

Occupy Wall Street: A Greater Purpose

Sarah Bessey writes about how the Occupy Wall Street movement can encourage all of us in accountability.

The Myth of Financial Freedom

Ben Stevens writes about our misconceptions of financial freedom and what Jesus would really desire us to consider with our spending.

How Should We Tithe?

William Walker writes a blog for RELEVANT about the need to tithe, but why that might look different than what we’ve grown accustomed to.

Finding Meaning In Your Workplace

Michael Mahan writes a blog for RELEVANT on the topic of finding meaning in the workplace.

The Trap of More

Tone Hoeft writes about our constant desire for more and the need for intentional living.

Gifts that give twice

Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow…

How To Distribute Free Bibles

It was Christmas Day 2002, and, heavy from a seafood lunch and wobbling from too…