Want a Revolution? Make a Casserole.

Community is revolutionary. When we bring it to a rolling boil, lives change and plans foment that ripple around the world. But it’s hard to cook up community from scratch in middle-class North America. Some days, just getting to know the neighbors on your street can feel like trying to get the wave going at a football game while everybody stares at you from their seats. Still, we go on believing that God made people—all of us, no matter your Myers-Briggs profile type—to need other people. So we need to figure out how to break our ruts of commuting, watching Hulu, and consuming Hot Pockets alone. And we couldn’t have better guides on how to do this than Adam and Christine Jeske.

Love Your Neighbor, Know Your Neighbor

Ben Stevens shares how to make the leap from living in seclusion to engaging in community with your neighbors.