Ed Gungor


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More than “Damaged Goods”

Ed Gungor writes a feature for RELEVANT about experiencing God’s redemption even after sinning sexually.

God’s Mysterious Will … and Ours

RELEVANT looks at the will of God and explores the different aspects of it—and why we might stress out when we don’t need to.

Why We Sometimes Don’t Pray

Ed Gungor talks on why we sometimes forget to talk to God and prayer as a core aspect of our lives.

Is Living Together Really a Big Deal?

Ed Gungor looks at cohabitation. Is it a big deal to live together? We say yes, and here’s why.

Please, Just Give It a Rest

Ed Gungor considers the idea of rest and taking a Sabbath in this article for RELEVANT.

4 Real-Life Ways to Connect with God

Ed Gungor talks about ways to make our devotion time with God more meaningful.

Intelligent Evolution

Can Christians believe in evolution? And what does the design of life suggest about a Creator? Ed Gungor considers these questions for RELEVANT.

A Little Less Than Super Faith

Ed Gungor wrestles with faith and the concept of doubt.