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Check Out the Music Video for Lecrae’s New Single ‘Drown,’ Featuring John Legend

It’s here. Several months after Lecrae shelved his highly anticipated Restoration, he’s back with a brand new single, music video and release date for the album itself.

First up, the single: It’s called “Drown,” and features a vocal assist from John Legend. It features Lecrae opening up about some of the emotional struggles he told RELEVANT about earlier this spring.

“John and I labored on this one,” Lecrae wrote on social media. “Even after the initial session we jumped on FaceTime to tweak it. The man is as equally talented as he is humble. His gift and passion bleed thru it. I’m honored to work with my brother. Excited for you all to hear this.”

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The album will now drop on August 21. You can pre-order it here, and check out the tracklist.

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