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Ring the Bell: The Trailer for ‘Creed II’ Is Here

Hold on, hold on. This trailer had us so pumped we actually went and ran five miles before writing this. Give us a second.

One more.

OK, wow. Man, did you see Michael B. Jordan take that punch at the end? But did you also see him shadow boxing underwater? And working that speed bag to the Kendrick Lamar track? And lifting up that little baby? And looking irritated while Sylvester Stallone tells him he has “everything to lose?” Did you see all that? We saw all that, and then we were so pumped we had to go run five miles.

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Are you still there? Have you gone to run five miles, too? Man, Creed II looks awesome. It’s out November 21, which is around Thanksgiving, which means we will be dragging our families to this instead of watching the dumb old NFL. Can Michael B. Jordan play in the NFL? He’s so great. He probably could. Wow.

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