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The 20 Best Ted Lasso-isms, Ranked

The 20 Best Ted Lasso-isms, Ranked

After a short three seasons, Ted Lasso is coming to a close. The beloved show came into our lives in the midst of the dark and dismal summer of 2020, providing laughter and kindness when we needed it most. Each character brought some light to our world, but the show’s titular character by far brought the most.

Jason Sudeikis’ Lasso is one part pop culture references, one part most supportive friend, and one part inspirational coach. Combined together, Lasso has gifted the world with some tremendous life lessons that are somehow funny and poignant at the same time.

To celebrate the show’s season coming to an end next week, here’s our ranking of the best Ted Lasso-isms of all time.

  1. “Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.”

  2. “I’m a work in prog-mess.”

  3. “If you care about someone, and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothing you can’t get through together.”

  4. “What I can tell you is that with the exception of the wit and wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes, not much lasts forever.”

  5. “I promise you there is something worse out there than being sad, and that’s being alone and being sad. Ain’t no one in this room alone.”

  6. “You know how they say that ‘youth is wasted on the young’? Well, I say don’t let the wisdom of age be wasted on you. I just came up with that. I feel pretty good about it.”

  7. “You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? It’s got a 10-second memory.”

  8. “Like I always say, sometimes the best stew is the one you leave sitting on the stove overnight ’cause you fell asleep watching Citizen Kane after too many beers.”

  9. “Believing that things can get better, that I will get better, that we will get better. To believe in yourself, to believe in one another. That’s fundamental to being alive.”

  10. “You beating yourself up is like Woody Allen playing the clarinet. I don’t wanna hear it. All right?”

  11. “You know my philosophy when it comes to cats, babies, and apologies. You gotta let them come to you.”

  12. “Don’t fight back. Fight forward.”

  13. “If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes it’s easier to speak our minds anonymously.”

  14. “Your body is like day-old rice. If it ain’t warmed up properly, something real bad could happen.”

  15. “There’s two buttons I never like to hit, alright? And that’s ‘panic’ and ‘snooze.'”

  16. “You say impossible, but all I hear is ‘I’m possible.'”

  17. “Our goal is to go out like Willie Nelson — on a high!”

  18. “If I didn’t have any confidence, I never would’ve worn pajamas to my prom and ended up in jail the rest of that night.”

  19. “I love meeting people’s moms. It’s like reading an instruction manual as to why they’re nuts.”

  20. “I shouldn’t bring an umbrella to a brainstorm, so I appreciate you getting the ball rolling, Nate.”

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