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Watch: Judah & the Lion’s New Collaboration with Kacey Musgraves Will Break Your Heart

If you’ve been “in your feelings” lately, or are looking for a way into your feelings, the song for you has arrived. Judah & the Lion and Kacey Musgraves (fresh off four major Grammy wins, including Album of the Year for Golden Hour) have collaborated for the song “Pictures,” and it brings all the gentle, contemplative sadness you would want out of this artistic pairing.

The video throws a few vintage filters on top of footage of the group recording together, but it also makes the deft choice of including the song’s lyrics as subtitles, which, in case you weren’t paying close attention, are heart-wrenching in their depiction of a breakup:



And I know that you love me still
But we’re not the same
And if I’m being honest
I don’t really want you this way

You were mine, always
And now you’re gone
Look what we’ve become
Just another sad song

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Makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket with a mug of tea and stare out a foggy window, for crying out loud. But it’s classic Judah & the Lion. The group likely has an album coming out soon, and with them pulling names as big as Musgraves for the features, it feels safe to set your expectations high.

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