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Would You Watch a Movie at This Luxury Bedroom Theater?

The rise of streaming services and reasonably affordable home entertainment systems has left many movie theater owners in a tough spot. After all, it’s not easy to galvanize people into a night out when watching a movie at home is now cheaper, more comfortable and almost equal to the theater in cinematic quality.

However, a new theater in Spreitenbach, Switzerland has come up with an interesting way to put customers back in the theater seats. Cinema Pathe has opened a “VIP bedroom” theater that features high-end, fully adjustable furniture including, beds and large sofas.

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However, the luxury movie-going experience doesn’t come cheap. Access to the VIP areas costs almost $50, though snacks and drinks are included.

Also, don’t worry, they change the sheets and clean the luxury viewing area after every showing. The company’s CEO told Switzerland’s The Local, “The hygiene aspect is very important to us.”

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