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Christian Leaders: Trump’s ‘Animals’ Statement Is in Direct Opposition to the Bible’s Idea of ‘Imago Dei’

Author, Bible teacher, speaker and Saddleback Church co-founder Kay Warren is among the Christians who have responded to President Trump’s recent comments, in which he referred to suspected members of the gang MS-13 as “animals” in a discussion about illegal immigration.

Now, the White House has doubled down on the disturbing statement in a press release that repeatedly refers to immigrants suspected of being involved in the gang as “animals.”

Since then, several high-profile Christian leaders are speaking out, pointing out that the comments are in direct opposition to the Bible, which clearly states that all people are made in the image of God—a concept known as Imago Dei. The idea—that every single person is an image-bearer of their creator and has deep value to God—is central to the message of the gospel.

Here’s what some are saying:


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