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A Harvard Sexual Assault Survivor Has Published a Devastating Letter

An anonymous Harvard woman has published a tragic, ferocious letter for The Harvard Crimson in which she alleges, among other things, that Harvard administrators discouraged her from pursuing legal action against another student who sexually assaulted her and ignored her requests to move the attacker to a different dorm. She says Harvard’s student handbook has a narrow, antiquated definition of sexual assault which her attack did not fit, making administrators hesitant to take any action. The whole, devastating letter can be read here in its entirety, but please note that its description of her assault is graphic and may contain triggers. The crux of her letter is this:

Dear Harvard: I am writing to let you know that I give up. I will be moving out of my House next semester, if only—quite literally—to save my life. You will no longer receive emails from me, asking for something to be done, pleading for someone to hear me, explaining how my grades are melting and how I have developed a mental illness as a result of your inaction. My assailant will remain unpunished, and life on this campus will continue its course as if nothing had happened. Today, Harvard, I am writing to let you know that you have won.

Harvard has yet to respond to press inquiries …

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