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Organization Uses Crowdfunding to Provide Refugees with Baby Carriers

A non-profit called Carry the Future has raised more than $83,000 through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to provide refugee families with baby carriers. The group is distributing thousands of the backpack-like carriers to recently arrived families in Greece, that provide parents with a safe, warm way to transport their children. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have escaped to Europe, fleeing a brutal civil war in Syria.

So far, volunteers have distributed more than 3,000 of the carriers to families on the island of Kos, and today, they’ll hand out 2,500 in Athens. Cristal Logothetis, the organization’s founder told Mashable, “Being a mom myself, it was easy to imagine myself in their place, and how hard it would be for me to hold my son while I walked for hundreds of miles.” As their Indiegogo explains, “Kos is only the beginning of a long and [arduous] trip for Syrian refugees, so we want to make sure their lives are a bit easier with baby carriers that will lessen the weight and free their arms.”

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