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The Sacred-Secular Dichotomy

The Sacred-Secular Dichotomy

There is a difference between observation and inhalation.

When a person observes something, they watch or see. It involves looking and bearing witness to an event. Inhalation is another matter; it is the essence of life. It is the rendering of passion and the breadth and scope of synergized being.

There is a difference between missions and holistic Christianity; as a matter of fact, I propose that the word "missions"—when used in a certain sense—does not represent a fully biblical idea. The word (and sadly the idea that is associated with it at times) implies a beginning and a conclusion. There is a focused effort on an objective and a target. There is strategy and a plan—we will “win souls.” Do you ever wonder why Christians sound so militant? I guess that’s a whole other story. I understand the concept of mission, and I don’t get too hung up when the word is used because largely the intention behind the said user is noble and genuine.

I propose a simple idea … holistic Christianity. Rather than falling into the lie that has been perpetrated since the first century—the lie that says that there is a spiritual world and a secular world—we should take another look at Jesus’ words in Matthew when he mandated the disciples to “go and make disciple of all nations.” What does this truly entail? How is an entire nation discipled?

When the followers of Jesus heard this, it made perfect sense; it wasn’t befuddling at all, but likely very encouraging. They thought back to the only nation that had been ultimately discipled by God: Israel.

When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, they were a virgin nation. They were exposed to every element that existed. They were laid bare and had no way to live. The law given to Moses, by God, was not just for the Israelites spiritual survival. The law encompassed rules for war and the environment. It addressed health care and education, mass media and communication. The law gave instruction for government and the ethical treatment of the poor. Justice was covered. Business and economics … not a problem! Discipling nations means becoming involved in every aspect of a society’s culture. Inhalation over observation.

Holistic Christianity is nothing more than simple obedience to God. It means that you are true to the gifts that He has endowed you with. There is no secular arena from which we, as followers of Jesus are exempt or restricted form entering. The word secular means "without God," and there is no place on this planet that God cannot operate. We are not to go on missions; we are to live and exist. We are to love God and others with all of our heart, souls, mind and strength. This validates every aspect of an individual … God, himself, tells us that we are to use the very gifts He has given.

Being a friend to others who believe differently is essential. Do you value converts over conversation? Are you a confidant with ulterior motives? Or can you simply be a pal? Christians are so quick to become enraged with the state of the world. Many blow gaskets due to the inordinate number of people who “smoke, drink, cuss and chew.” Here’s a tip that makes life a whole lot easier: Do not expect people who are not Christians to live as Christians.

If a person has chosen not to live their life by the teachings of Jesus, then how should they live? And how should you treat them? Jesus treated people with dignity and respect. If you are unhappy with the state of the union, then do something about besides complaining. Get involved with politics or education. Become a writer (hopefully better than this rambling one) or a business owner. For Christ’s sake (literally) do something, anything. Just don’t whine about how bad things are "out there."

There is nothing more spiritual than obeying God. Period. Whether you are a pastor or a plumber, just be obedient. Don’t fall into the lie that there are certain occupations that are more spiritual than others.

Please, inhale life. Don’t just watch it pass you by.

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