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Clubbing with a New Mindset

Clubbing with a New Mindset

Ever wonder about the Pharisees? I do. They were the religious leaders of their day who spent their lives studying Scripture. With so many prophecies about Christ how could they have missed it? They were so “close” to God yet they didn’t feel a prompting that Jesus was the Christ. I could never understand it–until I went to Bible school.

In modern day I think Bible School students could fit in to the category of "Pharisee" in that they study the Bible, and then some go to work for the Church. A very dangerous thing I found that happened all too often at Bible School was that some of the students would study Scripture and neglect their relationship with God. Their knowledge about God grew but their knowing God deteriorated.

This isn’t just how some Bible school students are–this applies to a lot of Christians as well. We attend church, midweek meetings etc. yet neglect our relationship with God.

We become more like Pharisees than Christ. And our likeness to the Pharisees does not stop there. Jesus spent time inside the synagogue, yet he also spent time in the marketplace, on the hillside. The Pharisees, on the other hand, sat inside the synagogue, and then spoke badly about Jesus, and judged him for hanging out with the sinners.

Who are you like?

Do you hang out with the sinners in their environment? Or do you sit inside the Church and judge the Christians who are, in fact, acting like Christ? If Jesus were here now, would you be one of those who would stand on the side and speak badly of him and judge him for hanging out with the sinners?

I’m not implying that people should drop out of Bible school. Even people not attending Bible school should be studying the Word. And I am not trying to say that people should not go to church. Jesus spent time inside the synagogue, but He also spent time outside the synagogue. A lot of Christians sit inside the Church and won’t go outside and talk to the unsaved.

I remember sitting in a class at Bible school one day and the lecturer asked who has unsaved friends. Half the class put their hands up. The lecturer then asked if it was a small minority of friends who were unsaved. They said “yes”. I was the only one who could say that I have a lot of friends who aren’t saved, yet.

How can we expect to impact/have an influence in these peoples’ lives when we are living in a bubble? People judge me for hanging out with non-christians, but they don’t see the heart behind it. People don’t know that I’ve made my self accountable to someone. They don’t realize that I’ve actually gone to my school’s leadership to ask if going to clubs can be my ministry.

Many don’t see the emails I’ve sent out to people asking them to pray, and to get involved. They don’t see the change in the people I’ve met. They don’t see the amount of people I’ve spoken to about God. They don’t see the Bible I bought for someone, or when I look after the girls who are so drunk that they can’t look after themselves. They miss the tears I’ve shed, my heart absolutely broken for these people. Seeing them so broken and hurt that they hide what they really feel in drinking, not wanting to face reality, putting it off for tomorrow when they’re alone and sober.

All they see is that I hang out in clubs. They see a glass in my hand and assume it’s a vodka mix rather than water.

I’m sick of excuses for why people won’t go out and talk to the unsaved. I thought that was why we are here.

I know that a lot of people are against going to clubs – which is why it is so hard for me to find people who will go with me. I realize that some people can’t go because of the temptation for them. But for the others, where in the Bible does it say “stay out of clubs” ? Yes, the bible says to be in the world not of the world–that means do not blend in with the world. It does not mean to separate yourself completely from the world.

Where does God want you? I’m sure that He would want some of you reaching out to the club scene. Not going in and bible-bashing but building relationships; looking after the drunk people, making sure that the dehydrated people throwing up in the bathrooms get some water; making sure people have a lift home, or calling them a taxi to make sure they get home; stopping guys from taking advantage of girls that are practically passed out; making sure that people whose drinks get spiked get medical attention. Not relying on temporal things to make you happy is a rare thing, and it is noticeable.

My heart is for those people. Therefore, no matter what people say about me, no matter how many people judge me without actually knowing the truth, no matter how many people make assumptions without checking the facts, I will never stop going to clubs.

I know that my life is making a difference. And that makes it all worthwhile.

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