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The Pray.com Metaverse Sounds Like Something Right Out of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’

Last week, pray.com declared itself the first faith-based company in the metaverse by launching its own NFT. The company launched PRAY TEAM, a Web3, crypto and metaverse educational initiative for Christians, along with a “National Day of Prayer” coin that acts as its own NFT. And, hey, isn’t this all sounding like something out of The Righteous Gemstones to anyone else?

“This is a unique opportunity for the Christian community to be at the forefront of technology and help shape it for good,” Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Pray.com Ryan Beck told PR Newswire. “Crypto, Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse are reshaping the future of technology, and Pray.com is leading the charge for Christians around the world to be a part of it by building the first global community for Christians to learn about crypto, and by creating new technologies for faith-based content.”

Despite Pray.com’s claims of being “the first” to the metaverse, it’s a crowded field. In March, “Holy Bibles NFT” claimed to be the “first-ever charity-based non-fungible token” (maybe that’s different than “first faith-based”) with the goal of creating a church in the metaverse that would be the world’s largest — targeting a goal of 100 million members. That project targeted $60 million to get off the ground and, once again, we have to draw some comparisons to HBO’s Gemstone family.

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It’s an interesting time to launch all this, since cryptocurrency’s value is currently in free fall. Currencies shift and crypto could still rebound but the warning sign around NFTs should make Christians wary of putting too many eggs in that particular basket.

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