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Why Gunmen Don’t Belong in a Youth Group

Most youth groups play dumb (but harmless) games, give kids too much soda and junk food, and host a once-a- year lockout that results in exhausted leadersandlotsofteenagerelationship drama.

In short, most youth groups don’t do a whole lot to court controversy, beyond an occasional TP incident. But one youth group in Pennsylvania is under fire for its, shall we say, unique approach to spreading the Gospel.

On a spring Wednesday night, the youth group was having its weekly meeting when two men burst into the room carrying guns. They put pillowcases over some of the students’ heads and put them in a van. The students were driven to a youth leader’s house, where the youth leader was apparently assaulted by the gunmen.

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Then came the reveal: The entire event was staged to teach a “lesson” about the persecution of Christians.
Since at least one student was (understandably) terrified and bruised her legs during the fake assault, prosecutors are now investigating the church for child endangerment and imprisonment.

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