Issue 113


Zachary Charles, Nathan Esquite and David Labuguen—members of indie rock band ARIZONA—are going through a…

Let It Raine

Naomi Raine isn’t one to waste a good opportunity. “I can’t say no to these…

AI and the Future of the Church

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a topic for science fiction and technologists — seemingly…

Christine Caine: How to Get Spiritually Unstuck

During the pandemic, we all tried new hobbies with our newfound free time. We made…

Judah and Chelsea Smith: Why You Should Risk Everything

It’s not always easy trying new things. Just ask Churchome pastor Judah Smith. He took…

Switchfoot: The Untold Story of ‘The Beautiful Letdown’

Twenty years ago, Switchfoot got the worst news a band could hear. Halfway through performing…

Lauren Daigle’s Fresh Start

Lauren Daigle was looking for an escape. In 2020, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter, known for her…

A Third Way on Gun Reform

In April, just a month after the tragic shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville…

Andy Grammer’s New Inspiration

Andy Grammer’s enthusiasm is palpable. In a world where artists often wear their hearts on…

The Balancing Act of Drew Holcomb

Drew Holcomb feels like he’s on a rollercoaster. “That’s just how life goes, right?” the…


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