This week we talk to one of our favorite people, the inspiring pastor of Hillsong NYC, Carl Lentz. Yes he’s made Justin Bieber cry from the pulpit and baptized NBA MVP Kevin Durant, but there is so much more to Carl than being a “celebrity pastor.” We think you’ll love our interview with him this week. Make sure you check out the full version of the interview below, and read our feature on Carl in the latest issue of RELEVANT. Also, we bring in one of our favorite photographers to introduce a new segment called “Andy Talk,” go back in time to the Oregon Trail (nope, not the historical one), raise awareness for cat leukemia, dig into more of the Enneagram and much more.


What do you hoard?

This week we’re asking you a simple question: What do you hoard? If you’d like to complicate it a bit, listen to this week’s episode before answering. Trust us, you’ll never look at hair clippings the same way ever again…