President Trump Says Christians Are Being Treated ‘Very Unfairly’ by Politicians

President Trump said Christians are being treated unfairly by political leaders. The nation’s largest black Pentecostal denomination is getting hit extra hard by COVID-19 and one man is trying to finish Sufjan Steven’s 50 State Project.
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Arcade Fire Is Working on a New Album in Lockdown

Arcade Fire is using their quarantine time to work on a new album. A pastor who defied social distancing guidelines has died from COVID-19. And we talk the trailer for Andrew Yang’s new immigration story movie ‘Tigertail’.
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The Bible Publishing Industry Is Seeing a Coronavirus Boom

The Bible publishing industry are actually seeing a little coronavirus bump. Experts are trying to figure out why COVID-19 seems to be deadlier for black Americans and a new song from Phoebe Bridgers. 
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Adam Schlesinger, ‘That Thing You Do’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Songwriter, Has Died of COVID-19

Adam Schlesinger has died of COVID-19-related complications. An old ‘Friday Night Lights’ writer pitches Coach Taylor’s coronavirus speech and the music video for Lecrae’s new single is an epic.
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Dolly Parton Joins the War Against the Coronavirus

Dolly Parton gets involved in the fight against COVID-19. Churches are seeing a virtual attendance boost and one church’s drive-in worship guidelines are going viral.
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A Woman Has Accused Joe Biden of Sexually Assaulting Her in the 90s

A woman has accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in the 90s. A new report says Liberty University students are getting sick with COVID-19-like symptoms. And Drew Holcomb’s Kitchen Covers are raising money for a good cause.
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Taylor Swift Is Surprising Out-Of-Work Fans With Thousands of Dollars

Taylor Swift is giving out-of-work fans thousands of dollars. Rikers Island is poised to be one of the major tragedies of COVID-19 and our first look at Chris Evans’ upcoming series.
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Francis Chan Urges Christians to Love Their Neighbors Well During the Pandemic

Francis Chan urges Christians to seize the opportunity to love their neighbors well. President Trump suggests his election day will be a huge moment in religious history and the worldwide COVID-19 death toll hits a tragic landmark.
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What Happened to Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson has spent the last few years recovering from what sounds like a difficult issue with drugs. David Crowder is back with another strange message from a b-list celebrity. And a pastor’s take on COVID-19 warrants scrutiny.