intentional living

The Five Friends You Really Need

Long gone are the days of the junior high lunchroom—where kids seemed to be divided…

The Irony of Our “Accessibility”

Columnist Will Anderson writes about a conversation he had with two homeless men that caused him to consider true accessibility versus the “accessibility” of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Death by Validation

Looking at the need for validation that comes from all those like and retweet and favorite buttons on social media.

Compassion in the Everyday

Kate Wise writes about her work in the social justice field, and applying her passion for others even in a 9-to-5 job.

The Salt of the Earth (and Chocolate)

MariJean Wegert writes about sharing coffee and community with a homeless man.

Embracing Raw Community

Jeff Goins writes for Reject Apathy about entering into community with the homeless and not turning away when it’s difficult.

Always Cheer After Blackouts

Columnist Chris Foster, who lives in Cambodia with his wife, writes about how the people in his community take care of one another and don’t take things like clean water and electricity for granted.

The Trap of More

Tone Hoeft writes about our constant desire for more and the need for intentional living.

Living in a Material World

Columnist Danielle Mayfield discusses Kelsey Timmerman’s book Where Am I Wearing? in light of researching sweatshops, consumerism and whether we depend on factory workers or they depend on us.

Clothing Your Neighbor as Yourself

James Barnett, the founder of Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, writes about his experiences while traveling around the U.S. in his van and finding that neighbors can be further than just next-door.

Honing in on Homelessness

Adam Bodendieck writes about his experience collecting clothes and distributing them to those living on the streets in St. Louis, Mo.

When You Ask A Homeless Person to Move In

Chelsea Buhrman writes about her experience after asking a homeless woman to move into her home.

The Poor You Always Have With You

Danielle Mayfield blogs about how the media shaped her original perspective on the poor, and how believers must view the poor from Christ Himself.

Where Am I Wearing: Shopping Tips

How should we pick our clothes? Kelsey Timmerman provides some helpful shopping tips in his Where Am I Wearing blog for RELEVANT.

The Problem of Injustice

Chris Foster explores Year One in Cambodia and how the local church needs to help its community and not stand idly by in times of turmoil. Foster writes a Reject Apathy column for RELEVANT.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: The Skill is Gone

Kelsey Timmerman thinks about sustainable buying habits–and buying American–in his weekly Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: A Fresh Look at “Made in Italy”

Another installment of Kelsey Timmerman’s Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT. This week, he talks about his Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses that were Made in Italy.

Confessions of a Girl Going Green

We find ourselves living during a time of a green revolution, a time when people…