1. The 1975: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

When they first showed up, it was easy to dismiss the 1975. They seemed like little more than a highly processed, carefully calculated anti-One Direction thing — the Avril to their Britney. But the band has outlasted Out Direction, and their dedication has been rewarded.

Frontman Matt Healy is a songwriter to watch, and he unleashes the full scope of his talents on Brief Inquiry, where he opens up about overcoming addictions to everything from heroin to Twitter. But he’s a man of many interests: politics, racism, fossil fuels and, of course, love. He cares deeply about what he sings about and it shows not just in his bleeding heart sincerity but in the bop-y 80s production. In other eras, this level of earnestness would be mocked.

In our current moment, it feels vital.