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The Edible Tape to Hold Your Burrito Together While You Eat It Is Real

Human progress marches onward. It can be easy to forget, in all the headlines about the multifarious crises facing us, that incredible work is being done every day that pulls us onward and higher to new discoveries. Astronomers are photographing black holes. Researchers are finding new ways to improve our mental health. And now, a team at Johns Hopkins University has found a way to keep your burrito from falling apart while you eat it.

It’s called “Testee Tape” and may not be the invention we need, but it’s the one we deserve. A roll of this stuff can help minimize your irritation after a swing by Chipotle or your favorite local Mexican spot is. It comes on a wax paper backing and its adhesiveness is activated by moisture. But it’s all organic, which means you can gulp it down with the rest of the burrito, no problem.

It’s not necessarily a problem in need of a solution, since most of us scarf down our burrito too fast for spillage to be much of a problem. But this might help those of us who like a little burrito for the road (it’s harder to keep control of the fillings while driving) or possibly while gaming (you try to navigate Rainbow Road with a mouthful of black beans, rice, guac, shredded cheese, pico and chicken.) So, yeah, this is an invention that certainly has its uses.

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