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Unfailing God

Unfailing God

“Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.” (Psalm 119:116)

Trust is a precious commodity, not given away lightly to any person who saunters into our lives. We may trust those we love and know well, but could we put every ounce of our hope in their hands? Would those hands be safe? We know that even our closest confidant can change or fail. Like us, they are human.

We want to place our hope in something that is unbreakable, unchanging and unfailing, and only God offers this.

From our earliest days, we learn things don’t always work out as we expected. Crying for food as a baby may not guarantee food every single time, and crying as an adult to get our own way rarely works much better. Parents and friends can fail us, even in little ways, being unreliable or being careless with their words. We fail ourselves by not reaching targets, failing exams or hurting those we count as friends. Often, we fail God. We sin and bear the weight of disappointment. Even tested methods fail occasionally. They have always been done the same way, yielding good results; and then one day, they just stop working.

God is unique in His inability to fail. Putting our hope and trust into anything else is a treacherous, foolish investment. It is a sure-fire failure. Many times we have put our trust in money, our spouse or a church, and many times they have failed. Yet still we think it could be different for us. This time the circumstances are different.

The Psalms are full of words of trust in the living God, declarations reminding the reader why hope is available and how futile a life is without it. Many have come to such a time of hopelessness, their life “dashed” against the harsh and bitter shores of life. They are desperate for a measure of hope to keep them sane for another day. In these times, the unfailing love of God offers a safe harbor. His love is permanent, never fading or dimming with age. It is unchanging even in the face of emotion, circumstances or loss.

First Corinthians 13 reminds us of God’s unfailing, unbreakable love. It is the bedrock of our lives, the foundation of our faith and our hope. And it is grounded in an unchanging God. And that is something we can trust.

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Dear God, thank you for never failing me. You are the only one I can completely trust in. Thank you for being faithful to me, and showing me how to be faithful to You.

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