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10 Things Every Person (Couple) Has Felt While Doing Their Taxes

At its best, doing taxes is an annoying and tiresome weekend. At its worst, doing your taxes is a descent into one of the middle circles of hell (yeah, not even one of the lower circles, because the lower circles at least have a degree of excitement). In fact, there’s probably some part of hell where people are just sitting and doing taxes all day, forever.

But we digress.

As you prepare to knock out your taxes before Tax Day (it’s on April 17—come on, bruh), it can be helpful to know you’re not alone in the struggle. Here’s a little GIF timeline, courtesy Giphy, to help you relate to what everyone else will be going through with you as you buckle down on the paperwork.

(Oh, and need some real help on your taxes this year? No worries, we’re here for that. Click here for more tips from brightpeak on how to avoid tax mistakes and make this season a little less stressful.)

1. “Alright, let’s just get this done.”

2. “Wow, this is way easier than I thought.”

3. “This isn’t so har — wait, what’s ‘bonus depreciation?'”

4. “Hey, you there? I need some help over here.”

5. “Oh, this is way easier. We’re cruising now.”

6. “Hold on … THERE’S ANOTHER FORM?!”

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7. “This is your fault! You said it was going to take two hours, max!”

8. “Enough. Let’s pull it together, we can figure this out.”

9. “Please, God, make this the last form.” 

10. “Finally … we’re finished.”

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