reject apathy

Embrace of the Rejected

George Elerick discusses truly loving and embracing the rejected.

What Jesus Didn’t Do

If you wanted to meet every American in your lifetime, you’d have about 10 seconds…

The Church Must Learn to Bridge the Racial Divide

“Are you a football player?” I haven’t even settled in my airplane seat before I…

The Spiritual Problem of Food Waste

When I first came to America as a brand-new immigrant, one of the things that…

6 Organizations Helping Immigrants

Last week’s “Day Without Immigrants” campaign was a startling reminder of the extent to which…

14 Stats That Show the Devastating Reality of Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking is a silent industry giant. Across the world, millions of people are trafficked…

Drawing a Red X on Your Hand Today Really Does Make a Difference

If you’ve been on Facebook this morning, you’ve likely seen images of friends’ hands with…

World Relief Is Laying Off 140 Staff Because of Pres. Trump’s Refugee Policy

The refugee resettlement group World Relief has just announced massive layoffs and the closing of…

Report: 522 People Were Arrested in a Super Bowl 51 Sex Trafficking Sting

A lot has been made in the past several years about human trafficking during the…

Lecrae on MLK’s Legacy: We Can’t Ignore the Injustice that Still Exists

Today, America remembers and honors the legacy of one of the world’s great civil rights…

Here’s How You Can Help Aleppo Right Now

The battle for Aleppo is over, and it left the Syrian city completely devastated. As…

Compassion International Says They Could Be Forced Out of India Within Weeks

Last week, representatives from Compassion International went before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and talked…

Satellite Data Has Captured the Ice Loss of Antarctic Glaciers

Satellite images captured by NASA over 25 years have given scientists a better idea of…

Giraffes Lose 40 Percent of Population in 30 Years, Moved to Extinction Watch List

It’s a sad day in the jungle. Scientists have recently reported that giraffes are now…

NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins Will Wear Anti-Human Trafficking Cleats Next Week

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will don some unique footwear when his team faces off…

There Are Now 26 Million Orphans in West and Central Africa

More than 26 million orphans live in West and Central Africa, according to the United…

Tony Hale Wants to End Slavery

Buster Bluth is fighting modern-day slavery. Tomorrow, pastors and advocates are making their way to…

Survey: More Churches Fear Refugees Than Actually Help Them

Recent research sponsored by the humanitarian organizations World Relief and World Vision reveal that though…

Canadian PM Trudeau Welcomes Refugees into Canada

Last night, when a plane filed with Syrian refugees set to resettle in Canada landed,…

Video Shows the Disturbing Magnitude of Mass Incarceration in America

The Atlantic has launched a new series of features about mass incarceration in America, demographic…

World Food Day Highlights the Global Imbalance of Food Distribution

Today marks the second annual World Food Day—instituted by the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and 262 private voluntary organizations as a day to observe the international state of hunger and food distribution. It came to light earlier this year that Americans waste 40 percent of their food every day, while 1 in 7 worldwide do not receive enough nutrition, according to the U.N. How can the scale be tipped back into balance? This is the question World Food Day seeks to illuminate at a local and global level.

14-year-old Pakistani Activist is Flown to Britain for Specialized Care

Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani who was targeted and shot by the Taliban for speaking publicly about her right to education, is being flown to Britain for specialized care. When Malala was shot by Taliban gunmen on her schoolbus last Tuesday, she quickly became an icon of inspiration for her bold stand for human rights. Ever since, the world has waited, hoped and prayed for her full recovery from the gunshot wounds. And now that she is en route to specialized rehabilitation, doctors are hopeful about her condition.

South Africa’s Surprising Source of Empowerment for Women

In South African township Soweto, women who have long struggled under the effects of poverty and apartheid are finding new entrepreneurial opportunities through Avon. Where unemployment rates are high, these women are launching their own businesses selling makeup, hair products and perfume—and because of it, they are earning income comparable to an employed man’s monthly earnings.

International Day of the Girl Inspires Creative Solutions

In honor of International Day of the Girl, CNN in partnership with global organization 10×10 has asked women around the world to fill in the blank: Girls + Education = _________. The result, in photos, is a striking collection of human inspiration and strength.

As many today observe this day and attempt to right the wrongs that often fall to women across the world, the various answers to this equation, as these girls see it, could stir global change.

Invisible Children Co-Founder Jason Russell is Back

Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell has been out of the public eye since his #Kony12 video went viral last March, followed by his public breakdown. But last night, Russell reappeared to talk to Oprah about what happened, what’s next for Invisible Children and why he’s still fighting to free child soldiers around the world.

The Next Great Moral Movement

In my last column, “Three Numbers that Predict the Future of the Planet”, I wrote…

Analysts Uncertain, yet Optimistic, About the Global Forecast of Grain Supply

As the global demand for corn continues to rise, analysts are waiting to see the effect the U.S. drought will have on the international grain industry. Corn is increasingly being used to convert into ethanol in the U.S. and in high demand in China where it it used to feed into the meat industry, and it has yet to be seen how this year’s significant loss in harvest will impact grain use across the globe.

Dirty Love

I never really considered my dreams to have much significance until recently. Although I’ve read…

Apple Faces Protests This Morning

Protesters will stage demonstrations at several Apple stores around the world to show concern about the treatment of the company’s suppliers’ factory workers in China.

Be the Change You Want to See

Cameron Strang, founder of RELEVANT, takes readers behind the January 2012 issue.

Syrian Forces Kill 20 at Anti-Assad Protest

Syrian forces shot dead 20 people on Friday and flooded rural areas around Damascus with troops to try to end six months of demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad, activists said.

Car-Free Day for EU Capital Residents

Brussels will free its streets of cars and heavy traffic this Sunday as it celebrates its 11th annual car-free day, marking a week when cities across Europe promote cycling and other green transport

AmeriCares Launches $500,000 Program for Victims of Hurricane Irene

AmeriCares expanded its Hurricane Irene response with the launch of a $500,000 U.S. Disaster Recovery Initiative to aid survivors of Irene and other recent emergencies.

Pakistan’s Taliban Kills Five in School Bus Attack

Gunmen from the Pakistani Taliban fired grenade launchers and AK-47’s at a school bus on Tuesday, killing the driver, four children and injuring 18 others.

Rejecting Apathy

Cameron Strang, founder and CEO of RELEVANT, explains the vision for REJECT APATHY and why it’s so important that we take action.

An Update from Japan

World Vision’s Lindsey Talerico interviews Casey Calamusa, who is on the ground in Japan, about the earthquake and tsunami devastation in Japan, in this interview reposted on RELEVANT.

A Prayer for Japan

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson writes an op ed on Japan for RELEVANT, writing about the best ways to help and grieve for the nation wracked by so many disasters.

The Story Behind Help-Portrait

Cara Davis writes a blog for RELEVANT about Help-Portrait, and how it’s changing lives among the homeless community.

One Night in the Homeless Hotel

Columnist Molly Williams writes about a friend she made while staying on the streets of Atlanta for one night, and the importance of allowing the homeless to be heard and empowered.

The Trap of More

Tone Hoeft writes about our constant desire for more and the need for intentional living.