A Third Way Between War and Pacifism

There’s war, and there’s peace. But according to Ron Sider, there’s a third way to engage conflict.

Fighting with Swords

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did…

Report: 28,479 Have Been Killed in Venezuela This Year

The continued decline of Venezuela has been one of the most persistent news stories of…

Report: Executions Are at an All-Time Low

Capital punishments are on the declines, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. A new…

149 Christian Refugees Found Asylum Thanks to Mass Donations

Yesterday, a private charter plane carried 149 Christian refugees from Kurdistan to Slovakia where they…

ISIS Is Threatening to Execute 180 Assyrian Christians

The famously brutal terrorist group, ISIS, claims it will execute 180 Assyrian Christians who they…

The Red Cross Suspends Work Yemen City After Break-in Threatens Staff

Yesterday, the International Committee of the Red Cross—a global humanitarian organization— suspended operations in the…

Here’s a New Salvation Army Ad Starring the Dress. (Yes, That Dress.)

The Dress exhausted its five minutes of viral fame this week, but it’s already become…

Leaders Urge Officials to Stop the Execution of Kelly Gissendaner

In 1997, Kelly Gissendaner killed her husband and was sentenced to death row. In the…

Report: ISIS Burns 45 People Alive in Iraqi Town

Reports are coming in saying ISIS took a small western Iraqi town called al-Baghdadi and…

Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini Pens Beautiful, Tragic Christmas Letter From Cell

Pastor Saeed Abedini has been in prison in Iran since the summer of 2012. His…

The United States Executed 2 Intellectually Disabled Inmates on Tuesday

In the United States, IQ scores of “approximately 70” are generally considered to constitute a…

Young Men, Violence and National Tragedy

The Boston Marathon bombing. Gang rape in India. The Sandy Hook shooting. Piracy in Somalia.…

Outpour of Compassion and Aid for Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

People are flooding Boston area hospitals offering to donate blood for those wounded in the…

Things in Sudan Remain Devastating

In case you were wondering whether or not Sudan had righted things, reconciled differences between…

Viewer Discretion Advised

There’s plenty of horror and tragedy in the real world—let alone in the movies. But then again, the Bible isn’t exactly G-rated, either. How should Christians approach these darker depictions in cultural art?

14-year-old Pakistani Activist is Flown to Britain for Specialized Care

Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani who was targeted and shot by the Taliban for speaking publicly about her right to education, is being flown to Britain for specialized care. When Malala was shot by Taliban gunmen on her schoolbus last Tuesday, she quickly became an icon of inspiration for her bold stand for human rights. Ever since, the world has waited, hoped and prayed for her full recovery from the gunshot wounds. And now that she is en route to specialized rehabilitation, doctors are hopeful about her condition.

Oh Church, Come Stand in the Light

A humanitarian aid worker admits that witnessing injustice doesn’t ever get any easier—but we can still overcome evil with good.

The Gospel of Video Games

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the tension Christians feel toward video games—either to dismiss them or over-spiritualize them—and how artists can move past that.

The Wasted Potential of Video Game Violence

Drew Dixon writes about how video games waste the power of violence and how it can be better used as an art form.

Capturing Beauty in the Broken

Nikole Lim, a filmmaker and founder of Freely in Hope, writes a column for Reject Apathy about finding beauty in the broken and God’s restorative power.

For God or Country—or Both?

Columnist Logan Mehl-Laituri, a former U.S. soldier, reflects on what it means to be a Christian during a time of war.

The Most Vital Treaty You’ve Never Heard Of

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson writes for RELEVANT about the new Arms Trade Treaty, and how important it is for Christians to back.

Is Your Cell Phone Bringing Hell on Earth?

Columnist Evan Davies writes about conflict minerals in the Congo, and how some cell phones in America are contributing to war in the region.

Holding Out for Justice

Columnist Mark Nehrenz writes about the Oklahoma Holdout, where he and many others slept outside Senator Coburn’s office for 11 days to convince him to sign the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act.

No Nukes Is Good Nukes

Why should we care about nuclear proliferation? Tyler Wigg-Stevenson makes a strong moral case for nuclear disarmament in this feature for RELEVANT.

You, Too, Can Be a Cocktail Party Wonk

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, founding director of the Two Futures Project, examines nuclear weapons and the resurgence of The Bomb for his politics column on RELEVANT.

Obama’s Palm Sunday Mandate

Each year on Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, Christians celebrate the unlikeliest of invasions:…

Examining the Tragedy in Darfur

“Welcome to Barnes and Noble, can I help you?” “Yes, thank you, I’d like any…