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The ‘Blind Side’ Star Has Joined Nic Cage’s ‘Left Behind’ Remake. The Legend Continues to Grow.

The past few days have been an exhilarating flurry of activity, as Nic Cage’s era-defining Left Behind remake continues to surge to heretofore unrealized heights of cinematic daring and visual poetry. Of course, many are called and few are chosen, so it was with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Ashley Tisdale, who could not find within her the inner fortitude to ascend to the stratosphere of filmmaking courage required for this journey. But, where one has fallen, many others have rushed to put their hands to fate’s perilous reigns and take their place among the stars. First, Jordan Sparks, who is certainly no stranger to momentous tasks. And today comes word that Quinton Aaron—he of The Blind Side fame—will be joining the project as Simon. “Simon.” A humble name, but in such ways is history made. Welcome, Quinton Aaron, and thank-you …

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