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The New Trailer for ‘Shazam’ Invites You to Say the Magic Word

DC Comics’ next foray into superheroes, Shazam, looks like a pretty entertaining romp, featuring Zachary Levi in tights and a fun bit of wish-fulfillment as the spine of a plot. While director David Sandberg is better known for his horror movies like Annabelle, these trailers suggest a pretty keen understanding of goofy humor and a terrific awareness of how to deploy Levi’s boyish charm.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Shazam rivaled Superman for the title of world’s most popular superhero.

In the 1940s, Shazam was known as Captain Marvel (who, of course, is now best known as a mainstream female hero for a whole different comic book company—it’s a whole thing) and in those days, he was mega-popular. Now, Shazam is more of a B-lister, what with his kooky wizard origins and off-beat powers, but this movie is clearly looking to rebottle a little of that lightning. Judging by the trailers, they just might pull it off.

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