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Terry Crews Shared a Story of Being Sexually Assaulted By a ‘High Level Hollywood Executive’

The New York Times and New Yorker have been released explosive articles about the many, many sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. So far, the victims have all been women, but men are not immune to sexual abuse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews took to Twitter to tell his own story of being groped by a unnamed “high level Hollywood executive.”

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Crews, like all victims who come forward about their experiences, is very brave here. He also helps explain why so many people are so hesitant to talk about their experiences. He’s over 6 feet tall and weighs 245 pounds, but even he felt helpless against someone who had more power and influence than he did.

You can read our conversation with Crews about Hollywood and how he overcame his struggles with deception and addiction here.

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