Levi Lusko Talks Promise Keepers With Yves Saint Laurent President Brant Cryder

Yves Saint Laurent President opens up to Levi Lusko about his faith. The Lutheran Church has declared itself a sanctuary denomination for immigrants. And finally which Sean Astin is your Sean Astin?
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Kanye West on How the Bible Fuels His Creativity

Kanye West credits the Bible with fueling his creativity. A church cancels millions in medical debt. And the creator of a legendary meme steps down …for reasons that might surprise you.
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Matt Chandler’s Village Church Accused of Mishandling Abuse Allegations

A new report accuses Village Church of mishandling an abuse allegation. A man may face up to 20 years in prison for helping immigrants. And Steven Spielberg’s new scary show can only be watched at night.
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Kirk Franklin on Kanye West: “No Human Being Will Ever Be Thrown Away By Me”

Kirk Franklin opens up about how his collaboration with Kanye got started. A new study explains how the politicization of of the church may be contributing to dwindling numbers, particularly among younger generations. And some new details on Ava…
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One in 10 Young Christians Has Left a Church Over Sexual Abuse

A new study finds that ten percent of young Christians say they’ve left a church because they felt it didn’t take sex abuse seriously enough, former megachurch pastor James MacDonald is being investigated for murder-for-hire allegations and a new…
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The Redemption of Google Glass

Google Glass has found a new life helping children with autism, and a suspect has been charged with setting fire to three historic black churches in Louisiana.
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Kim Kardashian Is Studying to Be a Criminal Justice Lawyer

Kim Kardashian has announced her next venture, another social media site is dealing with accusations of pro-choice bias and police are investigating why three black churches were burned down in a Louisiana town.