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Pres. Obama Just Signed the International Religious Freedom Act

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The Time for Immigration Reform Is Now

Policymakers and advocates have been saying it for a long time: our country’s immigration system is broken. Just yesterday, President Obama announced his comprehensive reform proposal to change that. But Lynne Hybels says this is not just a time for politicians to act, but for the Church to start taking seriously the biblical mandate of loving the stranger.

Why I Am a Christian Democrat

As we continue our series on Christian engagement in politics, David Masciotra shares why the call for compassion leads him to embrace Democratic ideology:

A Christian Budget? Pt. 2

Eric Teetsel writes an op-ed for RELEVANT about the current budget crisis, including the ways both parties are holding up the process and causing conflict, as well as offering a workable solution.

Why Care About Health Care?

Katie Paris writes for RELEVANT why health care reform is a moral one for Christians, not just a political issue.