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Nine Social Justice Books to Read This Fall

When we think of social justice, we typically think of action. Yet, while action is…

Five Must-Watch Films That Can Expand Your Notion of Justice

We all know how easy it is to get sucked into the black hole of…

Christians Need a More Nuanced Understanding of Gentrification

America has had a long struggle with gentrification, and numerous instances over the last few…

Juneteenth Is More Than Just a Day Off

Every year, as a journalist, I work the holidays most people have off. Even during…

What Do You Do When You Can’t Care About Every Issue?

You’re tired. Absolutely and utterly exhausted. Slavery. Genocide. Racism. Climate change. Refugees. Poverty. Women’s rights.…

Does God Care About Football?

Chad Gibbs writes about football for RELEVANT, specifically how he thinks Christians ought to think about their love of football in light of their love for guide.

Don’t Just ‘Serve’ The Poor

“Serve” is one of the most used Christian words. Serve, servant, service, or any of…

There’s More to Social Justice Than Just ‘Raising Awareness’

Whenever I see my friend Keturah—which isn’t all that often, since an international boundary bisects…

Racial Justice is a Lifestyle, Not an Agenda Item

Fighting racism does not consist of a set of isolated actions that you take; rather…

Rick Warren on the Year We Had

2020 was different for all of us for the same reason. Political unrest, the COVID-19…

Christians Should Get Dirty

I was just trying to go up an escalator. Somehow, I ended up sandwiched between…

What Jesus’ Kind of Social Justice Looks Like

For many, the primary way of building the kingdom is to influence politics in order…

We’re Supposed to Be the Good Guys

One of the first Sunday School lessons I can remember was about the fruit of…

Justice and Faith Voices on Twitter

Twitter can be a primary source for your memes before they stale and eventually make…

Things to Know About Pursuing Social Justice

The signs of the times cry out for people who will stand in the gap and engage the pursuit of justice, but what does that really mean?

Planting Trees Is About People

For Earth Day, Aly Lewis of Plant With Purpose writes about why caring for the earth transforms the lives of people.

Is Kony 2012 Good or Bad?

When responding to Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign, it’s important to not fall into one of two extremes.

Be the Change You Want to See

Cameron Strang, founder of RELEVANT, takes readers behind the January 2012 issue.

The Reinvention of Switchfoot

RELEVANT talks to Switchfoot about their eighth and most unique album.

Rejecting Apathy

Cameron Strang, founder and CEO of RELEVANT, explains the vision for REJECT APATHY and why it’s so important that we take action.

An Update from Japan

World Vision’s Lindsey Talerico interviews Casey Calamusa, who is on the ground in Japan, about the earthquake and tsunami devastation in Japan, in this interview reposted on RELEVANT.

Jesus Isn’t Always Nice

Russ Masterson writes a blog for RELEVANT about Jesus overturning the tables in the Temple, and how our anger ought to compel us to action.

Santa of the Streets

Brandon Sneed writes a blog for RELEVANT about a homeless man named Santa who felt called to live on the streets.

Happy Are the Poor

Last November, I went to an upscale grocery store in search of an apple. By…

Why Care About Health Care?

Katie Paris writes for RELEVANT why health care reform is a moral one for Christians, not just a political issue.

Cambodian Tarantula: Food for Thought

In his regular blog for RELEVANT, Chris Foster talks about eating tarantulas—and the need for action.

Sex Is Not a Trade

Chris Foster looks at the sex trade in Cambodia and calls on Christians to respond with action.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: The Skill is Gone

Kelsey Timmerman thinks about sustainable buying habits–and buying American–in his weekly Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT.

Why I Don’t Care About Darfur

OK, that title is a bit of an overstatement. Of course, I care about Darfur.…

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: Where Is Imported?

Another installment of Kelsey Timmerman’s weekly engaged consumer column, Where Am I Wearing?

Learning for Nothing

Students living in poverty in Cambodia must sometimes pay their teachers extra for their education. What would it be like for them to learn for nothing?

Where Are You Wearing?

What if you could meet the people who made your clothes–the twentysomething girl in Cambodia…

Invisible Children: GO

It has been five years since the premiere of the documentary that brought awareness to…

Charity: Water Changing Lives

With more than 1 billion people living in the world without something as basic as…

Fake Plastic World

Laowai, simplified, is Chinese for “foreigner.” It can be used in both a generic and…

The Help List

In the age of celebrity activism, social justice and a renewed passion by the Church…

while looking through a financial magazine i noticed that there was a non-profit that was…

Examining the Tragedy in Darfur

“Welcome to Barnes and Noble, can I help you?” “Yes, thank you, I’d like any…

Google Teams with Non-Profits

Google Earth Outreach is a partnership program that allows nonprofit organizations and charities to utilize…