Hailey Bieber Gets Pretty Real About Marriage in the Trailer for ‘Catching up With Natalie and Hailey’

Hailey Bieber opens up about being half of the most influence-y marriage on the planet. A new study says pastors and churchgoers disagree on the ideal sermon length and we’ve got a trailer for Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein series.
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Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Rape Trial

Harvey Weinstein is going to jail. A new study finds Protestant pastors have shifting views on same-sex marriage and Watergate will become a TV show.
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Episode 10: Protecting Marriages in Ministry with Dharius Daniels

On the season one finale of Called, pastor and author Dharius Daniels joins us to talk about how to protect the marriages of pastors and people in leadership. It’s a powerful listen for married people in leadership—who want to succeed in ministry…
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Georgia Councilman Claims Interracial Marriage Is Unbiblical

A Georgia Councilman claims that interracial marriage is unbiblical. Chance the Rapper has saved Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets from extinction. And ‘Veronica Mars’ is officially headed back to Hulu.